The Invisible Father

Louis Bouyer
(available in paperback from Continuum Publishers, UK)


Part One:

From Natural Religion to Religious Philosophy

Chapter I:

Ritual, Myth and Divinity

Chapter II:

Myth and Depth Psychology

Chapter III:

Myth, Sociology and Cosmology

Chapter IV:

From Myth to Rational Theology:

Chapter V:

From Myth to Rational Theology (continued)

Chapter VI:

From Myth to Rational Theology (continued)


Part Two:

From Natural Religion to the Word of God

Chapter VII:

From Primitive Religions to Religious Civilizations:

Chapter VIII:

The Ganges to the Tiber: From Indian Religion

Chapter IX:

From the Gods of Canaan to the Israel of God


Part Three:

The Revelation of the Father

Chapter X:

From the Old Testament to the New

Chapter XI:

From the Gospel of Jesus to the Gospel of Paul

Chapter XII:

The Johannine Gospel


Part Four:

Understanding the Faith

Chapter XIII:

From Myth to the Gospel and the Converse

Chapter XIV:

The Theology of the Fathers of the Church:

Chapter XV:

The Prophetic Meaning of the Continuance of Israel and of the Revolt of Islam

Chapter XVI:

The High-Point and the Decline of Western Theology

Chapter XVII:

From Theology Degenerated into Religious Anthropology to Idealist Philosophy

Chapter XVIII:



[Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1999]