Entering the Mysteries of God

Stratford Caldecott



THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS; ENTERING THE MYSTERIES OF GOD. Publication normally cuts short the process of writing. A publisher must necessarily draw down the curtain, and permit no more revisions, afterthoughts or additions to the text, past a certain point. Revisions at proof stage are notoriously expensive. The internet, however, permits the author to continue, making available to the reader the fruits of further reflection and research. Below is a list of additional material for mystagogy in the spirit of the book, which you may find helpful or interesting. I will continue to add to it as time goes by. -- S.C.

Article on Mystagogy based on an expanded version of the final chapter

Second Thoughts

Seven Words, Sins, Sacraments

Seven Sorrows

Seven Beatitudes in the Book of Revelation

Virtues and Chakras

Seven Gifts (St Bonaventure)

The Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit

The original Wheel of Sevens