1848 Communist Manifesto published.

1859 Charles Darwin published theory of evolution by natural selection.

1867 Dynamite invented by Alfred Nobel.

1878 Pope Leo XIII (-1903).

1889 Cardinal Manning supports London Dockers’ Strike.

1891 Rerum Novarum.

1899 Boer War in South Africa (-1902)

1903 Pope Pius X (-1914). Development of Catholic Action.

1909 Catholic Social Guild formed in Britain (CTS/Fr Charles Plater SJ).

1914 Pope Benedict XV (-1922). WW I begins.

1916 Easter Rebellion of Irish Nationalists.

1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

1920 League of Nations established in Geneva.

1921 Fr Plater dies. Plater College founded in Oxford.

1922 Pope Pius XI (-1939). G.K. Chesterton received into the Catholic Church.

1926 Young Christian Workers founded (Cardijn). Action Francais banned. General Strike in Britain.

1931 Quadragesimo Anno.

1931 Encyclicals against German Fascism and Atheistic Communism.

1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.

1936 G.K. Chesterton dies. Spanish Civil War (-1939)

1939 Pope Pius XII (-1958). WW II begins.

1945 Atomic bomb dropped. End of WW I.

1946 First United Nations General Assembly, in London.

1949 People’s Republic of China founded. Church condemns Communism again.

1957 European Common Market formed by Treaty of Rome (EEC).

1958 Pope John XXIII (-1963).

1959 Castro comes to power in Cuba.

1961 Cuban missile crisis. Berlin Wall built. Mater et Magistra.

1962 Vatican II opens.

1963 Pacem in Terris (government to promote both the common good and the whole good of the person). Pope Paul VI (-1978).

1965 Gaudium et Spes. Close of Vatican Council.

1967 EEC becomes the European Community (EC). Populorum Progressio.

1968 Humanae Vitae. Medellin Conference.

1969 Neil Armstrong lands on the Moon. Octagesima Adveniens. Gutierrez: A Theology of Liberation in Peru.

1975 Evangelii Nuntiandi.

1978 Pope John Paul I. Pope John Paul II.

1979 Puebla Conference. Redemptor Hominis.

1980 Foundation of Solidarity Trade Union in Poland (Walesa).

1981 Laborem Exercens.

1984 First Instruction on Liberation Theology.

1985 Kairos Document in South Africa.

1986 Second Instruction on Liberation Theology.

1987 Sollicitudo Rei Socialis.

1988 Apostolic Letter on the Dignity of Women.

1989 Collapse of Communism in Europe.

1991 Centesimus Annus.

1993 Single European market formed. Veritatis Splendor.

1994 Nelson Mandela President of South Africa. Word Wide Web. Evangelium Vitae.

1995 The Common Good
(Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales)