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“The new century just begun brings with it a growing need for concord, solidarity, and peace between the nations: for this is the inescapable requirement of an increasingly interdependent world, held together by a global network of exchanges and communications, in which nonetheless deplorable inequalities continue to exist. Tragically our hopes for peace are brutally contradicted by the flaring up of chronic conflicts, beginning with the one which has caused so much bloodshed in the Holy Land. There is also international terrorism, which has taken on a new and fearful dimension, involving in a completely distorted way the great religions. Precisely for this reason, the world's religions are challenged to show all their rich potential for peace by directing and as it were 'converting' towards mutual understanding the cultures and civilizations which draw inspiration from them.” 

Pope John Paul II (November 2002 address to the Italian Parliament) 

Introduction to this section by Stratford Caldecott 

1. The question of dialogue

Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue
Dialogue & Proclamation

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Declaration 'Dominus Iesus' 

Russell Hittinger
How to Read Humanae Dignitatis on Establishment of Religion

Roch Kereszty, O. Cist
The Word of God

Angelo Scola
Which Foundation? Introductory Notes

Archbishop Rowan Williams
Analysing Atheism



2. Dialogue with Judaism

Pontifical Biblical Commission
The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible 

Pope John Paul II
Address to the Pontifical Biblical Commission 

Pope Benedict XVI
Interreligious Dialogue and Jewish-Christian Relations

Walter Kasper
The Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Foundations, Progress, Difficulties and Perspectives

Spiritual and Ethical Commitment in Jewish-Christian Dialogue



3. Dialogue with Islam

Samir Khalil Samir, S.J.
When Civilizations Meet: How Joseph Ratzinger Sees Islam

M.A. Zaki Badawi
The Challenge of Living Together 

Christopher Bamford
Sacred Hospitality: Badaliya – The Way of Mystic Substitution 

Dr Vincent J. Cornell
Practical Sufism: An Akbarian Basis for a Liberal Theology of Difference

Robert L. Fastiggi
The Incarnation: Muslim Objections and the Christian Response

Joseph Kenny OP
Jesus and Mary in Islam

Joseph E.B. Lumbard
The Decline of Knowledge and the Rise of Ideology in the Modern Islamic World

Sandro Magister
Christians, Islam and the Future of Europe

Aidan Nichols, OP
A Beginner's Guide to Militant Islam

Abdullah Saeed   
The Islamic Case for Religious Liberty

Reza Shah-Kazemi
Recollecting the Spirit of Jihad

The Metaphysics of Interfaith Dialogue



4. Dialogue with Asian Religions

Paul Williams
On Rebirth: Buddhism & Reincarnation

Fr J. López-Gáy, SJ
Dialogue and Proclamation with Buddhism

Ernest Valea
Divine Incarnation in Hinduism and Christianity

Stratford Caldecott
Face to Face: The Difference Between Christian and Hindu Non-Dualism   

Stratford Caldecott
Trinity and Incarnation: An Eckhartian Perspective   

Readers who want to pursue this subject will find a host of relevant and interesting material on the SEDOS web-site, which is based in Rome as a forum for institutes of consecrated life concerned with missionary work. The articles are sometimes of uneven quality, but very many are excellent, and the Sedos site also contains helpful articles on poverty, development issues and globalization.

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