About Second Spring

Second Spring Oxford is a family business run by Leonie, Teresa, and Stratford Caldecott in the service of the Catholic community.

Among other things, it offers a Summer School in Oxford for overseas students in association with The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire, USA, and through the same college publishes an illustrated Catholic journal of faith and culture called Second Spring, which is dedicated to the search for truth, goodness, and beauty.

Second Spring Oxford is also a publisher in its own right. In the Books section you’ll see a revised edition of our bestseller The Mass Illustrated For Children, along with other colouring books for children that form part of a developing series of resources for catechists. There is also a page dedicated to other books written by ourselves and our colleagues.

The office of Second Spring Oxford is located above the Art Jericho gallery in King Street. This is also where we edit the UK edition of the monthly prayerbook, Magnificat, and the online journal of the John Paul II Institute in Washington, Humanum. We house the G.K. Chesterton Library there too, but this is not currently open to the public while we continue the work of cataloguing its varied contents. It will be permanently established at the Oxford Oratory as part of a new study centre to be completed by sometime in 2013.

The Oratory is also the home of our theatre company, Divine Comedy Productions, which most recently performed Leonie Caldecott’s play The Quality of Mercy at the Oxford Chaplaincy in April 2011.

We provide various resources on this website, including a Guide to Oxford, articles on a whole range of topics, and an enormous collection of useful links. These can all be found in the bottom section of our navigation menu. A downloadable guide to Thomas More’s England may also be of interest.

Registered Address: 23 Buckingham Street, Oxford, OX1 4LH, UK. Company Number: 7274180 (registered in England and Wales). Directors: Stratford and Léonie Caldecott.

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