Stratford and Léonie Caldecott

Stratford Caldecott, MA (Oxon.), FRSA, is the editor of Second Spring journal for the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire, and of Humanum – the online book-review journal of the John Paul II Institute in Washington, DC. Formerly a Senior Editor at Routledge, HarperCollins, and T&T Clark, he serves on the editorial boards of Communio, The Chesterton Review, Oasis, and the Catholic Truth Society in London. He has written and edited books on J.R.R. Tolkien, the Seven Sacraments, the historian Christopher Dawson, and liturgical reform in the Catholic Church. His book Beauty for Truth's Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education was published by Brazos Press in 2009, and a sequel is in preparation. He has organized and spoken frequently at conferences, taught at a number of colleges and universities, and written and published widely on Christian apologetics, theology, and cultural themes in magazines and newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, including Touchstone, This Rock, Parabola and the National Catholic Register. Stratford lives in Oxford, where he studied Philosophy as an undergraduate, and is G.K. Chesterton Fellow at St Benet's Hall. With his wife Léonie and daughter Teresa he is the UK editor of the monthly prayerbook Magnificat.


Léonie Caldecott, MA (Oxon.), was educated at the French Lycée in London and Oxford University, where she read French and Philosophy. The winner of the Catherine Pakenham Award for Young Women Journalists, she has since written for secular newspapers and magazines as well as religious ones on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Sunday Times, Village Voice, New York Times Book Review, Il Sabato, Communio, Catholic World Report, Inside the Vatican, National Catholic Register, Touchstone and The Chesterton Review, and a regular column for the Catholic Herald. Two of her articles have been reprinted in The Best Spiritual Writing series. She contributed to the BBC TV series Women of Our Century, and wrote the book that accompanied it. She also contributed to several collections, such as Makers of Modern Culture (RKP) and British Catholic Heroines (Gracewing). She has written on Blessed John Henry Newman and St Therese of Lisieux for CTS. Her most recent book is What Do Catholics Believe? (Granta 2008) and she is the author of two plays: Divine Comedy: a Theresian Mystery Play, performed at the Oxford Oratory in the fall of 2009, and The Quality of Mercy (about Blessed John Paul II) performed at the Newman Rooms in 2010. As a catechist and mother she has engaged in many initiatives for young people, including the Rose Round fellowship, and the book series “Second Spring Catechesis.” The mother of three children, she lives in Oxford with her husband Stratford. She is the UK editor, with her husband and her daughter Teresa, of Magnificat.