Epiphany 12 January, 2006

We wish our readers a happy new year. This will be an eventful time for us, as we re-launch our journal Second Spring and plan an expanding series of activities – the first of which were announced in the December newsletter below and, of course, in our EVENTS section. (You might make a new year resolution to visit our site each month and see what is new.) The Pope has indicated his concern that Catholics should develop the dialogue between reason and faith with an open-mindedness inspired by the Second Vatican Council. A recent address by Pope Benedict on this topic can be found in our Articles section. In this light of this concern, we have begun to revise and improve the Christianity Q & A section (formerly called ‘Questions Questions’), where readers can search for a deeper understanding of the faith. Dialogue with other religions is also important both to the Pope and to ourselves, and the Other Religions section of our site offers a wealth of material on this subject. If you want to discuss anything you find on the Second Spring site, one way of doing so is by joining our online community. You can reach all these links from the main menu on the left. We hope to hear from you soon!