Integral Christian Humanism 3 February, 2007

In his Peace Day message for 2007, Pope Benedict XVI has called for an ‘integral Christian humanism‘. It is this humanism that we are seeking to nurture through our web-site and our work at ResSource and the Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture. It is also the vision of education that lies behind the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire, with which we have recently entered a very exciting partnership. The College Press will publish our print journal, Second Spring, beginning with issue 8 (now at last in production), and plans for several collaborative educational projects are in train. The new College president, Dr Jeffrey O. Nelson, writes of this arrangement: ‘This is an ideal partnership, one aimed at furthering a new evangelization through the formation of young persons and the transformation of existing cultures in the great tradition of Christian humanism rightly understood: the cultivation of intelligence, conscience and grace.’

The different dimensions of this partnership will unfold over the coming months. In the meantime, we are making some overdue revisions and additions to our two web-sites.

Pilot edition of forthcoming publication Such was the popularity of this little book, the MASS ILLUSTRATED FOR CHILDREN by Susan Bateman, that we are reissuing it in a revised edition shortly, both in the UK and the US. Teachers, catechists and parents are finding it helpful as a way of introducing children to the central mysteries of the Catholic faith. You can find it in the Books section of this site. It will be followed by other titles in the coming years, as our company ResSource becomes a fully-fledged publisher at last!

By the way, the director of our educational arm, ResSource, the artist David Clayton, will be visiting Los Angeles and San Francisco to give some talks in April, and (with Stratford Caldecott) Washington DC in May. If anyone wants an interesting talk on art history or the philosophy of art, on sacred geometry, iconography or practical Renaissance drawing techniques, please contact us through the web-site.