The Language of God 1 February, 2011

Delays in production have bumped Second Spring 13 from Christmas into the new year, for which we apologize, but readers should soon be receiving their issues — and we hope to catch up on our schedule with two more issues this year. Issue 13, now approved for press, contains a range of articles on liturgy and city planning, on Hebrew and the Beatific Vision, on modernity and the renewal of culture, on education, the Bible, and even on women in The Lord of the Rings. The next issue, 14, now in preparation, will be on the theme of gardens and nature.

Meanwhile, in the articles section of the main website, you’ll find a few new articles – Leonie Caldecott on modern fantasy literature, Eleanor Donlon on virginity, Jose Granados on Love and the Cosmos, Michael Martin on the Holy Grail and the Eucharist, Roger Scruton and many others. The Economy site also has articles — the most recent is Russell Sparkes on “The Recovery of the Guilds“.