Body Language 15 September, 2008

BODY AND SOUL – A FORUM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. On Sunday 2 November 2008 there will be a Forum in Oxford on communication, friendship, respect, relationships and the Good News about sex. ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CHURCH’S TEACHING? Ask our Panel: Adrian Walker, Ruth Ashfield, Brigitte Rowland and Fr Joseph Welch.

2.30-5.30pm, ending with tea, at the Parish Centre, the Oratory Church of St Aloysius, 25 Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6HA.  No charge – just come and put your questions (anonymously if you prefer).  Any queries to Fr Daniel at <[email protected]> or <[email protected]>

This event takes place the day after the exciting conference on Scripture and Liturgy with Scott Hahn, at which Adrian Walker will be one of the speakers.  Further details below (under ‘August’).

Also, attention teachers at secondary schools and sixth form colleges! Recommended speakers on love and sexuality from a Catholic perspective can visit your school from Family Choices.

Please also note there will be a conference of hope for young people and families at St Albans on 25-26 October.  Called The Faith, The Family… The Future it is a way of

– Fostering and exploring the beauty of the Church’s vision for marriage and the family;

– Passing on the faith to the next generation and the role of the family in this work;

– Promoting the growth of Catholic culture and vocations through the family;

Over the weekend there will be many eminent speakers, representing a broad panorama of Catholic thought and culture. With programs specially tailored to each age group, combined with the opportunity for retreat, spiritual reflection and renewal, the weekend provides a great opportunity for Catholics to renew their spiritual life, strengthening their families through meeting other young Catholics who share their hopes and views.

Illustration: William Blake, ‘Satan watches the caresses of Adam and Eve’, engraving for Paradise Lost. The inscription reads: ‘Ah! gentle pair, ye little think how nigh / Your change approaches.’