Daily reading 1 March, 2011

The image is of the cover of Magnificat, a monthly prayerbook and missal that we are involved in editing for the UK – highly recommended for daily devotions and spiritual reading. At present we are planning a series of issues featuring articles on the new translation of the Roman Missal – the revised text of the Order of Mass will also be published in our pages when needed later in the year. Please take out a subscription through the Catholic Herald newspaper.

There are now three main blogs associated with Second Spring — the new one is and All Things Made New, about the continuing search for a deeper Christianity, and dialogue with other religions. Beauty for Truth’s Sake is about the re-enchantment of education and healing the division between arts and sciences (based on the book of the same name); The Economy Project is dedicated to exploring the implications of Catholic social teaching; To read these blogs, just click on the links in this paragraph.

Issue 13 of our print journal, Second Spring, published by Thomas More College, is also now out. This issue is headed “The Language of God”, and in it well-known writers including Christopher Blum and Louis Markos look at liturgy, modernity, and the essence of a Christian culture, even touching on vital issues in architecture and town planning. The language of God in Scripture is another topic, and even the women in Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings are given some attention. The drawings of Daniel Mitsui and Peter D. Beaulieu are featured.

The journal, now in its eleventh year, is unique in at least three ways.  1. It is solidly, enthusiastically Catholic and yet open to dialogue with the wider world.  2. It is beautifully illustrated and designed, unlike the plain text of so many academic journals.  3. It is written and edited to be intellectually profound and yet pleasant and easy to read.