Editorial changes 12 August, 2006

As I write this we are in in the middle of our busy summer schedule – art classes, Shakespeare Summer School, and (in a few weeks’ time) the Tolkien conference at Exeter College. Come September, we will sit down and work out a programme for next year. I want to take this opportunity to mention a couple of important changes on this web-site. Regular readers will notice that place of the ‘EVENTS’ section on the left-hand menu, which used to advertise conferences and lectures, has been replaced by a link to our sister site, RESSOURCE. That is because most of our activities are now organized through that organization. The heading below that, called ‘EVENTS and conversation’, which leads to our online discussion forums, now contains a section for NOTICES where you can look up the latest scheduling information for our forthcoming events, and even advertise events of your own. The advantage of doing it this way is that the Ezboard site lends itself to instant updates, so we don’t have to bother our web-master with every little change in schedule. Please sign up for a free account in this section, so that you can join in the conversation as well as read other people’s contributions. Enjoy the rest of the summer!