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Alphabetical Index of Articles

Lorenzo Albacete
True Harmony: The Person and the Trinity

Matthew Alderman
Heaven Made Manifest    PDF    Permission

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev
Christ the Conqueror of Hell    LINK

Helen Alford
Openness and Exclusion    LINK

Prudence Allen
Mary and the Vocation of Philosophers    PDF

G.E.M. Anscombe
On Transubstantiation

Robert Asch
What's Wrong with America?

Margaret Atkins
Temperateness: The Forgotten Virtue
Maundy Thursday
Save Sunday

M.A. Zaki Badawi
The Challenge of Living Together

Rodolfo Balzarotti
William Congdon: Action, Painting and the Iconography of the Christain Mystery (from Communio)

Christopher Bamford
Sacred Hospitality: Badaliya – The Way of Mystic Substitution

Owen Barfield 
Understanding Equity   

Margaret Barker
Paradise Lost    LINK

Robert Barron
The Liturgical Act and the Church of the 21st Century

Jeremy Beer
Resurrecting Caelum et Terra (On Whig Thomism, Neoconservatives, etc.)    LINK

Wendell Berry
Life is a Miracle
The Idea of a Local Economy    LINK

Steve Bishop
Green theology and deep ecology: New Age or new creation?

Bishops of England & Wales
The Common Good
Faith and Culture

Remi Brague
The Conditions Under Which We May have a Future

Silvano Borruso
Mammon from Croesus (6th Century B.C.) to Gesell (1862-1930)
The Social Charge – On Henry George and the question of private property

Louis Bouyer
The Prophetic Meaning of the Continuance of Israel and of the Revolt of Islam
The High Point and the Decline of Western Theology
Contents of the Book The Invisible Father from which the above chapters are taken

William L. Brownsberger
Silence (from Communio)

Douglas Bushman
The Christ-Centred Anthropology of Gaudium et Spes

Rocco Buttiglione
The Buttiglione Case As Seen By Buttiglione
This translation by Peter J. Colosi first appeared on Godspy.

Leonie Caldecott
George MacDonald (1823-1905)
The Eye of the Needle
Giving Thanks for the Good Shepherds
Harrowing Hell
A Harvest Cycle
Sincere Gift: The Pope's 'New Feminism'
Kathleen Raine: A Challenge to Catholics
Streams of Grace: The Rose Round Pilgrimage to France
Paradise Denied    LINK
Cult or Culture: Some Reflections on Rowling, Pullman and the Contemporary Fantasy Scene    PDF
Motherhood and the New Feminism    LINK
Divine Touch: A Meditation on the Laying on of Hands in the Church    PDF

Stratford Caldecott
Liturgy and Trinity: Towards an Anthropology of the Liturgy
Liturgy and Trinity: Towards an Anthropology of the Liturgy – full version
Theories of Evolution
Why does the Church say that "same-sex marriage" is impossible?
Theological dimensions of human liberation
The Chivalry of Saint Joseph
Trinity and Society: The Search for a 'New Way'
Creation as a Call to Holiness
Trinity and Creation: An Eckhartian Perspective    PDF
Face to Face: The Difference Between Christian and Hindu Non-Dualism
Focus on Humanae Vitae

other articles by Stratford Caldecott

Books by Stratford Caldecott:
The Seven Sacraments: Entering the Mysteries of God
Secret Fire: The Spiritual Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien
Beauty for Truth's Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education

Marijane Camilleri
Woman as Gift

Nicholas Carr
Is Google Making Us Stupid? What is the Internet doing to our brains?

Thomas W. Case
Evolutionary Confusion    LINK

John C. Cavadini
Ignorant Catholics: The alarming void in religious education    LINK

Archbishop Charles Chaput
World, Work and Family: The Role of Women in Building a Culture of Life
Alpha and Omega: Reconciling Science and Faith    LINK

Sr. Ronda Mary Chervin
Reflections on the Women Doctors of the Church

Charles M. A. Clark
Catholic Social Thought and the Economic Problem    LINK

David Clayton
Harmonious Proportion and Ratio
The Way of Beauty
The Art of the Spheres
other articles by David Clayton

Dr Vincent J. Cornell
Practical Sufism: An Akbarian Basis for a Liberal Theology of Difference

David S. Crawford
"Liberal Androgyny: 'Gay Marriage' and the meaning of Sexuality in Our Time"    PDF
Natural Law and the Body    PDF

Dorothy Day
Aims & Purposes of the Catholic Worker Movement
The Mystery of the Poor

Christopher Dawson
The Outlook for Christian Culture    LINK

David P Deavel
An Odd Couple? A First Glance at Chesterton and Newman    PDF

Eleanor Bourg Donlon
No Ado About Something: The Loss of Virginity    PDF

Avery Cardinal Dulles
God and Evolution    LINK
The Population of Hell    LINK

Louis Dupre
The Ties that Bind Us: Europe and Christianity    LINK

Mark Elvins, OFM Cap
A Restored Harmony in Creation

David W. Fagerberg
Between Heaven and Earth: C.S. Lewis on Asceticism and Holiness    LINK
The Spiritual Animal: Sacramental Nature of Church Art and Architecture   LINK

Damian P. Fedoryka
Devolution of Metaphysics and Metaphysics of Evolution

Michael P. Foley
Phil's Shadow: On the Lessons of Groundhog Day    LINK

Bruno Forte
God the Trinity    LINK
Pastoral Letter, Feb. 17, 2006

Keith A. Fournier
Body Talk: A Theology of the Body in Irenaeus    LINK

Raymond Gawronski, SJ
Balthasar on Eros

Francis Cardinal George
The Foundations of Liturgical Reform

David P. Goldman
The Liturgical Music Catastrophe and its Consequences for Jews and Christians    LINK
Sacred Music, Sacred Time    LINK

Luke Gormally
Marriage and the Prophylactic Use of Condoms    LINK

Jose Granados
Love and the Cosmos    PDF

John Granger
Harry  Potter Is Here To Stay    LINK

Romano Guardini
Sacred Signs    LINK

Janne Haaland-Matlary
Men and Women in Family, Society and Politics    PDF
Realism For Unrealistic Times: Kristin Lavransdatter and Ontological Realism    PDF

John Haldane
Virtue and Vice

Michael Hanby
Homo Faber and/or Homo Adorans    PDF
The Culture of Death, the Ontology of Boredom, and the Resistance of Joy    PDF
Saving the Appearances: Creation’s Gift to the Sciences    PDF

David B. Hart
The Anti-Theology of the Body

Karin Heller
Understanding the Family in the Twenty-First Century

Peter Henrici
Is There Such a Thing as Catholic Fundamentalism?

Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria
Christianity and the Challenge of Militant Secularism

Michael Hirsh
Misreading Islam

Russell Hittinger
Christopher Dawson on Technology and the Demise of Liberalism    LINK

Walter Hooper
The Inklings: The Other Oxford Movement

Dylan James
The Evangelical Counsels in the life of the Diocesan Priest

Carol Ann Jones
Shine Forth Upon Us Thine Own True Glory [on Stained Glass Windows]     LINK

David Jones
The Place of the Embryo within the Christian Tradition

M. Cathleen Kaveny
Living the Fullness of Ordinary Time: A Theological Critique of the Instrumentalization of Time in Professional Life    PDF

John F.X. Knasas
Fides et Ratio

David Korten
After the Meltdown: Economic Redesign for the 21st Century    PDF    LINK

Peter Kreeft
Human Personhood
Comparing Christianity & Hinduism    LINK
The Three Most Profound Ideas I Have Ever Had    LINK

Lois Lang-Sims
The Mind in the Heart – Thoughts on Prayer

Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis
Liturgical Translation: What's at Stake? The Example of calix praeclarus

Keith Lemna
The Angels and Cosmic Liturgy: An Oratorian Angelology    PDF
Human Ecology, Environmental Ecology, and a Ressourcement Theology    PDF

D. Stephen Long
Charity and Justice: Christian Economy and the Just Ordering of the Commandments

Antonio Lopez
God as an Event of Love    PDF

Jonathan Luxmoore & Jolanta Babiuch
Rethinking Christendom – The Church and the New Europe
Deicide in North Oxford (on Richard Dawkins)

Sandro Magister
Christians, Islam and the Future of Europe

Timothy A. Mahoney
Christian Metaphysics: Trinity, Incarnation and Creation

M. Francis Mannion
Bringing the Cosmos to the Liturgy

Jacques Maritain
Human Knowledge and Metaphysics    LINK

Jacques Maritain & Leon Bloy
Lady Poverty

Michael Martin    PDF
“Behold, I Make All Things New”: The Holy Grail and the Eucharist

Javier Martínez Archbishop of Granada
Beyond Secular Reason

Race Mathews
Distributism: Past, Present, and Future

William F. May
The Religious Underpinnings of the Marketplace    PDF

Ralph McInerny

Stephen A. McKnight
Francis Bacon's God    PDF

Denis R. McNamara
Liturgical Architecture    PDF

Hugh J. McNichol
Sacred Art Institute... Now! A Mandate of Vatican II    LINK

David Vincent Meconi
Theology of the body and purity of heart    LINK

Livio Melina
Homosexual Inclination as an 'Objective Disorder'

Virgil Michel, OSB
Bourgeois Spirit Undermines Christian Renewal

John Milbank
The Future of Love

Joseph Milne
Hamlet: The Conflict between Fate and Grace    PDF
Reality and Appearance    LINK

Stephen Milne
Partners of the Absolute: A reflection on childhood, the unborn and John Paul II’s “original solitude”    PDF

A Monk of Most Holy Trinity Monastery
The Transformation of the Material Creation

Emmanuel Mounier
Principles of a Personalist Civilisation

Brian Mullady, OP
The Church: People of God, Body of Christ, Temple of the Holy Spirit

Paul Murray, OP
God's Spy: Shakespeare & Religious Vision

Jean-Charles Nault
Acedia: Enemy of Spiritual Joy    PDF

Aidan Nichols OP
A Catholic View of Eastern Orthodoxy

Bishop Pat O'Donoghue
Fit for Mission Schools    LINK

Glenn W. Olsen
The Role of Religion in the Twenty-First Century
The Return of Purpose    PDF

Marc Ouellet
Covenantal Justice
Theological Perspectives on Marriage    PDF

Marie-Dominique Philippe
Holy Week
The Importance of the Gospel of St John

Pontifical Council for Culture
The Way of Beauty    LINK

Pope Benedict XVI
Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the Celebration of the World Day of Peace 1 January 2007 
Vatican II and the modern world
Marriage and the State of the Family 
Europe's Crisis of Culture
The Feeling of Things, the Contemplation of Beauty
The Theological Locus of Ecclesial Movements
Interreligious Dialogue and Jewish-Christian Relations
The Five Transformations of the Eucharist
Biblical Interpretation in Crisis
Art and Liturgy: The Question of Images    LINK
The Organic Development of the Liturgy
Market Economy and Ethics    LINK
Cardinal Ratzinger on the New Evangelization    LINK
For many more articles and address by Cardinal Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict, see: The Cardinal Ratzinger Fanclub The Pope Benedict XVI Fanclub

Pope John Paul II
Ethical Responsibilities in Art
Peace Day Message for 2000
Encouraging Catholic Cultural Centres to Work Together
Crossing the Threshold of Hope    LINK

Thomas R. Rourke
Contemporary Globalization: An Ethical & Anthropological Evaluation

Tracey Rowland (Interview on Zenit)
Benedict XVI, Vatican II and Modernity (Part 1)
Tracey Rowland on the Pope's Interpretation of the Council
Benedict XVI, Thomism, and Liberal Culture (Part 2)
Tracey Rowland on the Church's Response to Modernity

Richard M. Rymarz & Jennifer I. Weber
The Work of Family Life: Building a Faithful Family Culture

Richard M. Rymarz
WYD as a Catholic immersion experience

John Saward
Recognizing the Rose: Pope John Paul II and the Causes of the Saints

David C. Schindler
Freedom Beyond Our Choosing: Augustine on the Will and its Objects
Truth and the Christian Imagination    PDF
Metaphysics within the Limits of Phenomenology    PDF

David L. Schindler
The Embodied Person as Gift and the Cultural Task in America    PDF
“Threads” interview of David L. Schindler    LINK

Christopher Schönborn
Finding Design in Nature
"In the Beginning God Created..."    LINK

Angelo Scola
The Nuptial Mystery: A Perspective for Systematic Theology    LINK/PDF

Read Mercer Schuchardt
A Tribute to Neil Postman

Roger Scruton
Two Versions of Western Culture    LINK
Beauty and its Corruptions     LINK

Michael Sherwin OP
Raissa Maritain: Philosopher, Poet, Mystic    LINK

Mary Shivanandan
Crossing the Threshold of Love (extract
The Pope, Man & Woman
The Spousal Nature of Feminine Beauty in John Paul II

Antonio Maria Sicari
Ecclesial Movements: a New Framework for Ancient Charisms    LINK/PDF

Joseph Sobran
The Relevance of Belloc and Chesterton

Russell Sparkes
The Enemy of Eugenics

Robert Spencer
Modern Aftermath of the Crusades

Frederick Stocken
Music as a Christian Art

Thomas Storck
Catholicism: The Perfection of Religion    LINK
Catholicism and the Natural World    LINK

Kenneth Tanner
U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Mary Taylor
Healing the Rift? Christians and Ecology    PDF

Anna E. Thayer (née Slack)
Stars Above a Dark Tor: Tolkien and Romanticism    PDF

Michael Tomko
Discrete Metaphors: Wendell Berry and the Demands of Local Ecology    LINK

Helen M. Valois
A Word About Sparrows: Evangelizing the Animal Rights Movement    LINK

Timothy Verdon
The Disputation on the Sacrament: A Manifesto in which the Church Tells its Own Story

Alice von Hildebrand
Debating Beauty: Jacques Maritain and Dietrich von Hildebrand    LINK

Richard Wade
Towards a Christian Ethic of Animals

Michael Waldstein
Retranslating the Theology of the Body

Adrian J Walker
'Rejoice Always.' How Everyday Joy Responds to the Problem of Evil    PDF
'Sown Psychic, Raised Spiritual': The Lived Body as the Organ of Theology    PDF
Love Alone: Hans Urs von Balthasar as a Master of Theological Renewal    PDF
Not Natural: Technology and the Theology of the Body
Living Waters: Reading Scripture in the Body of Christ with Benedict XVI    PDF

Bishop Kallistos Ware
How to read the Bible    LINK

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams
Grace, Necessity and Imagination: Catholic Philosophy and the Twentieth Century Artist
Lecture One: Modernism and the Scholastic Revival
Lecture Two: "David Jones: Material Words"
Lecture Three: "Flannery O'Connor: Proper Names"
Lecture Four: "God and the Artist"
Environment Lecture: "Changing The Myths We Live By"
Environment Lecture: "Ecology and Economy"

Philippe Yates
The Primacy of Christ in John Duns Scotus: An Assessment

Carol Zaleski
Ancient Christian Magic
A Short Rule to Perfection
360-degree Prayers
Renouncing Satan
The Dark Night of Mother Teresa
The 2007 Motu Proprio
Illumination (on Pauline Baynes)  LINK
The Name
Slow-Motion Conversion  LINK

Philip Zaleski
The Love of Saint Thérèse

Mark & Louise Zwick
The Real Love of Dorothy Day's Life
Virgil Michel, Benedictine Co-Worker of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin    LINK

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